What We Do

We reach your audience where they live, chill, work and play via interesting articles, funny memes, original videos, banners, GIFs, contests, and user generated content. Trust us to amplify your message so it reaches lakhs of viewers organically, and give it the visibility it needs, across multiple channels.

How we measure it

We talk hard numbers. Our reach within the Indian social media universe is unparallelled. We will send you a detailed report recording impressions, engagement numbers and give you measurable reasons to believe. Boost your growth, and watch as your brand goes from strength to strength. Proof is in higher engagement, better recall, sustained buzz, and increased revenue for your business.

Why choose us?

We conceptualize, script, produce and promote original video content and digital video commercials to enable organic views and wider reach.

Outsource your marketing needs to us. We will craft a marketing strategy for an event, a quarter, a launch, or an entire year, and create a loyal following for your brand, leveraging multiple channels, including Viral Videos, Memes, Facebook, YouTube, Articles, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

If you have a video ready for distribution, you have come to the right destination for viral promotion. We seed your video in the right places, and get the right influencers and pages to push it, so the right people, see it at the right time, and right place.

Unlike expensive TVCs, Hoarding Campaigns, and bloated campaigns, digital works! We are a young but experience-rich, hungry firm looking to partner with the India’s biggest, brightest brands and we want to help them shine brighter.