The mind bending Netflix movie which is a solid punch in our guts is directed by the Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.

Ratings :4/5


The concept of the movie is very clever and will challenge your mind in all kinds of twisted ways which not only makes this movie interesting but also you’ll feel like you are trying to solve a Jigsaw puzzle.

So what’s the Story!!

So the story of the movie revolves around this deep hole in a building kind of structure with never ending hundreds of  tall cubical opaque floors . These floor’s depict an image of a futuristic prison cell where people are first interviewed and then transferred in as prisoners. 

In these prison cells, two people are placed on each floors opposite to each other & everyday a platform descends through a large hole in the middle of the building carrying varied types of food delicates and it’s their only chance for a food  for the entire day.

It may seem like a wonderful prison a person could be in but here comes the twist.

There are numerous levels inside this twisted building with prisoners living from  level 1 to who knows how many levels down. The platform descends from level 1 completely filled with food for all the upper level prisoner’s to enjoy, 

But as it keeps on descending to the lower levels where no food is left for the prisoners , the “Darkest ”and the “Hungriest” sides of these prisoner’s emerge to fight for their survival.

Here in this tormented nightmare our eyes belong to “Goreng”(Ivan Massagué),who volunteers to enter this prison for 6 months in exchange for a diploma degree.

Sounds like an equitable deal but he doesn’t know what’s in store for him. From his first floor mate, “Trimigasi” an old guy, Goreng learns that the food in this institution is served via a large concrete platform that hovers down one floor at a time for a short period of time.

 The prisoners can only eat what’s left on the platform while the platform is there on their level, if they try to keep food after the platform leaves, the temperature of the prisoner’s floor becomes painfully hot or cold.

By each passing month every prisoner’s level in this prison keeps on changing in any unpropitious manner. Goreng’s first floor mate Trimigasi explains him this never ending cycle of this futuristic prison instituon. 

As Goreng’s first  month ends, from here his journey towards a torturous cycle begins. But the evilest part of this system, and arguably the film’s most clever societal insight is that you could be relatively happy on level 4 one day and then on 111 the next day. 

And makes us wonder how these people survive when they’re on the lower floors, you might not be ready for the grisly place this movie goes.

As Goreng’s journey commends in this prison taking horrifying & brutal turns. He tries to find a loop hole in this institution. Goreng and his new inmate try to seek solutions and to send a message to the higher floors where the food is prepared .

As they proceed down on the concrete platform ,numbers below continue to reach higher numbers – higher than the number of levels Goreng had estimated . 

Seemingly Goreng reaches the depth of this chain where his answers rely &  thinks that he has found a way to send a message to those on the top floor with the power to change this barbaric system.

That’s my take , what’s yours??

A lot  Or A little

It’s a film with multiple impressive twists

It’s is also a grisly, gnarly thriller film, one that becomes surprisingly bathed in blood during its action-heavy final act.

The movie platform  also shows the tyranny of metaphorical capitalism and differentiation between the class.

Where the upper tier of prisoner’s & lower tier of prisoner’s fight for the food depicting the society chain we  follow and the chain that continues to exist making us the part of this barbaric system.

But a change can be brought and just one voice is enough to bring that revolutionary change. Just like the movie, the answer to Goreng’s problem was a youth. Youth play an important role in each system. So raise your voice’s fellas where it needs to be heard.

Theories!!(do not read this if you’ve not seen the movie)

Is that child really the woman’s? Was she born in the facility? How did she survive that long in there without getting harmed? Will she reach to the higher floor without getting harmed? Can she bring change? Is girl the symbol for change ?

Experiencing a hallucination where Goreng see’s his first inmate Trimigasi(the old man)telling him that his “journey is over”, he leaves the platform and walks away as the young girl is seen travelling to the top.

Where does Goreng go with Trimigasi? Does he die or now that he knows that he’s equally become the part of this corrupt system and let’s the girl alone travel back to the top of the chain.

Well we all have our own varied theories but they’re all assumptions!!

Also the biggest question :

Does anyone really get out??